[Joyce taught art classes for A Quarter Blue - in Orange County]
A Quarter Blue offers therapeutic support to those who have experienced sexual abuse. Joyce Ronson's warm, creative spirit brought a healing touch to our families as she guided them through art therapy.  We are thankful we were blessed by Joyce's unique giftedness in art and compassionate heart.
Martha Nix Wade
Founder: A Quarter Blue
Protecting Children. Restoring Families.
(714) 932-0845

"Joyce is one of the most amazing healers, I had several sessions with her,
the first one was the rising star, this session was life changing for me,
Joyce is a perfect, clear channel for the divine, the session was deeply informational, it helped me tremendously to make big progress in my life, and one of the things that I loved the most was that I got lots of clarity. Joyce is also highly intuitive, very psychic, I was amazed of the messages that she received for me." Maribel.

Dear Joyce,
You truly have an amazing gift! After my last treatment with you I felt an incredible lightness of being as if my past pain and burdens had been erased. I was uplifted and inspired to move on and embrace new opportunities in my life. I experienced a renewed energy and knew that a positive shift in my well-being had taken place.
Thank you for your beautiful, healing spirit, and for sharing your gift of light with me.





Joyce Ronson
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