Art Workshops in Orange County, CA:

Art and Wellness Workshops: - private and small group workshops - located in Orange County, CA. Specializing in creating powerful and meaningful artwork.

I. Art Workshop (by appointment)
- Specializing in helping students uncover and express their feelings through the process of sculpture, painting, drawing, and mixed media. Catering to people of all ages and abilities, who love art and want to learn more ways of expressing themselves through visual mediums. Lessons are tailored to each individual student's interest.

II. Art and Meditation Workshop
- Begin with a meditation that soothes you and allow you to see images you want to create.  You will use a variety of art materials to express yourself freely and create your vision.
Private and semi private workshops available. $75.00 for a 2 hour session.

III. Art and Wellness Workshop - Classes held Saturday 2:00-4:00 pm. Registration required. 4 sessions packages for $200.00.

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